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St. Louis’ Drone Mobile Remote Start Specialist

December 3, 2015

drone-mobile-remote-startDo you park in a parking garage and have 1000 feet of concrete and steel between you and your car? Does your current conventional remote start system not work in these conditions? Say no more, and say hello to Drone Mobile. Here at Xclusive Autosound & Security, the premier car audio and alarm store in the Midwest, we have you covered. With Drone, your car could be parked in China, and you would still be able to start it in your cozy Saint Louis office. I don’t know why you would want to do this? But you actually could. Along with its virtually unlimited range on remote starting. It also allows you to access your car from any networked computer. It can also tell you if the doors are locked or unlocked and the cars battery voltage. It also has the ability to track your cars location and tell you the temperature inside of it. It can even alert you if your teenage driver is leaving a per-determined perimeter that they are not allowed to take your car out of. The best part is that you don’t have to carry around extra thingamabobs. It is all located inside your beloved smart phone. Download the application from the Google Play or Apple App Store. *Subscriptions apply.

Come see us and Xclusive Autosound & Security and have it installed. For a FREE quote or more information, please call us today at 618.222.2234 or email us at [email protected]. You can also fill out our contact form here »

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Pro T11 Remote Controls Now Available

December 3, 2015

pro-t11-remote-controlCompustar recently released the first 3 mile range transmitter using the latest state-of-the-art technology blowing all other manufactures out of the water.

Using DSST technology, once again Compustar proves they are the leader of manufacturing of remote start and alarm systems. The Pro T11 is available today. Give your alarm and remote start the range it deserves. The Pro T11 is only available at your Pro Dealer. The Pro T11 is everything a remote should be. It is water resistant. Drop it in a puddle, no problem. Accidentally run it over with you car, no problem.

Check out the various Youtube videos. The remote comes with a Pro 2 year warranty and a built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery with charger included. The best part is it is backward compatible. Had a system installed in the last 3 years by us? Good chance you can upgrade to this new remote.

For a FREE quote or more information, please call us today at 618.222.2234 or email us at [email protected]. You can also fill out our contact form here »

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Chevy Camaro SS Custom iPad Installation Mounted in Passenger Dash

June 22, 2015

A long-standing customer of ours recently came to us with a new custom installation project. He was requesting a custom mount for is Apple iPad 4. He is a local DJ and has all his music on his iPad and wanted a quick easy way to access it and play videos. A couple months earlier he came in and had a AVH4000NEX installed in his Camaro. The AVH4000NEX was the first Apple car play radio and he wanted to add an iPad like and iPod on the second USB that it has available. Space was limited and we wouldn’t just make a mount to stick it on the dash somewhere. So, we came up with the design you can see in the video below. We knew it had to be a dual action motorized mount or there would have been really big gaps in order for the iPad to be able to be removed, due to the curvature of the “S” shaped dash.

As a standard, we tell all our customers everything we do here has to be lockable and easily and cleanly removable. We wont offer any other options. So, as he had done many times in the past, he handed his keys over in total trust, and we got to work. We fabricated the custom sliding mechanism out of welded steel and we firmly mounted it to the chassis of the car. Then we designed a two stage motor controller. That would allow for the dual action motorization. The iPad slides out of the dash about 5/8” then it angles out so you can slide the iPad out.

We had the car for a week making sure everything was perfect. His response when he picked it up was “How did you do that? Honestly, I was expecting a gap all the way around the iPad.” We took the time to make it perfect. OEM grade. You were not able to slide a piece of paper in the “gap”, or lack of, around mount. And of course we gave him charging support through the USB that connected to the AVH4000NEX. Can’t wait for his next project.

Custom iPad Mini Install in a 2015 Polaris Slingshot

June 22, 2015

We recently had a customer come to us wanting a couple of unique things. He wanted an iPad Mini installed into his Polaris Slingshot but in a way that it sat back far enough that it could get some protection from the glare of the sun. Also, he wanted it to be secure. So, when he left his slingshot unattended he would have to worry about coming out to it with the iPad mini missing. So, we came up with a custom slide solution. This accomplished everything he wanted along with a stock look. The ipad can not be removed unless the glove box is unlock and lowered. Without it being unlocked the ipad can only be slide partially out of the mount. Leaving it secure in the slingshot until the glove box is unlocked.

He also wanted a way to charge the iPad and have it play on a clean source that he could still EQ the sound. We recommended a pioneer radio,the DEH8700BH, we mounted it behind the iPad in a custom ABS plastic mount. Then we added an external IR steering wheel controller that allows for him to cleanly turn up and down the audio while using a hard wired connection to get the best sound possible. When we were finished it looked like it was stock from Polaris, or so the customer said. We will take that as a huge complement. It is what we specialize in, OEM integration, with fit and finish.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

How Dark can I tint my windows in Illinois?

March 12, 2015

how-dark-window-tintingRecently, Ilinois’ law regarding window tinting changed to give Illinois residents the ability to tint their front driver’s and passenger’s side roll-down windows. As a result, there are several variations of the law that will now allow for various levels of window tinting.

The new law states that motorists can have 35% Visual Light Transmission (VLT) on all motor vehicle windows, except the front windshield, as long as no other window in the vehicle is tinted darker than 35%. If a vehicle’s factory, rear windows are tinted darker than 35%, state law indicates that a film of no darker than 50 percent may be applied to the front driver’s and passenger’s side roll-down windows. In addition, motorists can tint the rear windows any shade of their choice, if there’s no tinting on the front driver and passenger roll down windows. State law also mandates that the top of the front window can feature a strip of tint (known as an eyebrow) that is no greater than six inches from the top of the window.

We are excited about the recent changes in state law regarding window tinting. Not only can a 35% tint on all of a vehicle’s windows offer a very clean, luxurious look, it can also significantly reduce glare, heat and fading of the vehicle’s interior.

At Xclusive Autosound we carry only the finest tinting film on the market. All of our films are designed to block 100% of UV rays, helping to ensure that your car’s interior won’t fade, deteriorate or crack. We also carry special Xtreme, Ceramic and Drei films designed to block varying amounts of IR rays. No matter which film you choose, all of our films carry a lifetime warranty for as long as you own your vehicle. To find out how we can help you stylize and protect your car, give us a call today.

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What kind of options do you offer for rear seat entertainment?

March 12, 2015

When it comes to rear seat entertainment, there are several different options on the market, but the most common are overhead and headrest monitors. And it’s your preferences that help determine the option that’s best for you and your family.

rear-seat-video-headrest-dvdFor those with a larger budget, headrest monitors with dual DVD players can be a good choice. Dual players give passengers the ability to play different DVDs in each headrest, or play one DVD on both screens. Passengers also have the ability to listen to the DVD audio through the vehicle radio or via wireless IR headphones. Screen sizes for headrest monitors vary from 7-10”. Because headrest monitors are viewed just two feet from the eyes, pixel pitch and resolution tend to be more important than size. As such, the 7” size is recommended. The smaller size also tends to blend better with the aesthetics of most vehicles. During installation, we will color match the headrest to the interior of the vehicle, paying special attention to the exact stitching, grain and piping of the OEM seat.

flip-down-video-playerThose in search of a more economical rear seat entertainment option may want to consider overhead (flip down) monitors. These are also a great option for individuals with vehicles that feature multiple rows of seating. At Xclusive Autosound, we carry only the highest-quality overhead monitors that are designed to stand up to the normal wear and tear associated with opening and closing. The most commonly purchased sizes for overhead monitors is 10.4” to 12,” but models up to 24” are available. As with headrest monitors, passengers have the ability to listen to the DVD audio through the vehicle radio or via wireless IR headphones. During installation, we restructure your headliner to make sure the screen has a solid surface to mount to, rather than screwing the screen into the headliner. This is very important, as proper installation ensures that the monitor won’t become disconnected from the headliner.

Why should I get an aftermarket remote start?

March 12, 2015

Here are some of the best reasons to install a aftermarket remote start into your car, van or truck:

compustar-pro-series-901-remoteIf you’re tired of shivering in your car on freezing winter mornings and sweating as you wait for the AC to cool on scorching summer afternoons, then a remote starter is for you. Remote starters are probably one of the most pleasurable items you could ever buy for your vehicle. And, they have come a long way, in terms of range, connectivity and reliability, since they first broke onto the market in the early 1990s.

Today’s remote starters boast a variety of incredible features including GPS tracking capabilities and technology that allows drivers to lock and unlock their cars, just by walking up to them. Modern remote starters also feature a wider range of remote control options than ever before, and we carry more of those options than any other retailer in the Midwest. Our remote controls offer real world range that allows you to start your car from 800 feet away, one-mile away, or from across the country.

Current remote controls come in one-way and two-way models. One-way remote controls send signals to the vehicle only, while two-way remote controls send signals to the car and then back from the car to the remote, confirming that the actions requested were accepted. This can be an important feature if your vehicle is tucked away in a parking garage at work, or if the car is parked on the opposite side of a restaurant from where you’re seated. No matter where you are, two-way remote controls ensure that you always know the status of your car.

Through telematic modules, new remote technology also allows drivers to to use their cell phones to control their vehicles, and also track their cars using GPS capabilities.

An upgrade to an aftermarket remote starter provides a wide range of options not available in factory systems, including selectable engine run times, start timers, quick stop modes, turbo timers, extended range, ignition locks, defroster control, window control, accelerometer, temperature readings ability, and many others.

Can you upgrade my non double din radio to a double din?

February 6, 2015

stock-corvette-dashAbsolutely! Custom car audio installs are what we’re known for, and we do them better than any of our competitors.

We are committed to taking the time to make sure every job we do is done well and will last the lifetime of the vehicle. During every installation, we weld the cutout areas with appropriate plastic – HDPE, PPE, or ABS. We then fill the area with molten plastic and use just enough filler to cover up pin holes and imperfections in the molded plastic. Unlike our competitors, we never use superglue or Bondo on plastic. That’s because we know that temperature changes make fiberglass-based fillers, like Bondo, crack off of the plastic every single time. With 18 years of installation experience, we know what works, and we get the job done right the first time.

Double-din-conversionNot only do we make sure the install looks good from the outside, we will also fabricate a mounting bracket for your radio so it can be removed and replaced as many times as needed, just like an OEM radio. We can also relocate radios and hide radios, using motorized panels. Basically, if you can dream it up, we can build it.

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