Everyone in America should have a Drive Cam, Here’s why…

February 20, 2023

Having a Dash Cam (Some call them Drive Cams) is becoming more of a necessity these days. From capturing exciting, unexpected road incidents on camera to having evidence in a ‘he said, she said’ accident report, to being able to monitor a new driver; A dash cam is not only a smart investment, it’s a necessity, especially in St. Louis and the Belleville Area.

We’ve all seen the videos online, the ones where a car collision is caught on dash camera. It’s exciting, scary, and entertaining. But most importantly, it’s documented. Insurance fraud is at an all time high, and these handy cams become your best friend when you have someone claiming you’re at fault when you’re really not. At the moment it doesn’t appear that having a dash cam installed in your vehicle will provide an insurance discount but it can most definitely stop your premium from increasing by proving you’re not at fault after an accident. Dash cams can also be rear facing, providing evidence if you get hit from behind as well. It’s like having a witness with you at all times.

They are perfect for commercial fleets to make sure drivers are driving safely and performing routes as designed.  To keep efficiency of the business in the peak order.

If you take a lot of scenic drives you can also use software available online to make time lapse videos that you can post on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok,  ect.

How they work is they have at least one forward facing camera that mounts to the windshield.  Most of our systems come with a rear facing camera as well as an option for a third camera.     The cameras are connected to the DVR.  The digital video recorder is what records the video that the cameras see. The video footage is securely recorded on a SD Card. These SD Cards can be removed and viewed on a computer screen for evidence or footage.   After the SD card has recorded its capacity the DVR then starts recording over the oldest data on the SD card. So the larger the SD card the larger the recording database. We have systems that can upload the footage wirelessly to the Cloud. Which ensures important footage never gets overwritten. Most drive cams we offer have the ability to use GPS tracking to determine speed, location, and time stamps.

All drive cam systems at Xclusive Auto and Sound are professionally installed with all wiring hidden from view and hardwired to a power source. Installed in a way as if they were installed by the OEM, Original Equipment manufacturer.

Another lesser known feature of the dash cams are that they can record 24/7. While you’re parked at work, at home, anywhere, the cams will continue recording and monitoring activity around your vehicle. Most cams are accompanied with apps for phone or desktop viewing in addition to being able to view in real time.