Custom Car Audio Box Design & Fabrication

April 30, 2018

Custom Car Audio Box Design & Fabrication

Xclusive Autosound is without a doubt, the PREMIER car audio installation facility in the Midwest. We use the latest, cutting-edge technology to make sure your installation needs are as close to perfection as possible.

One important aspect of custom car audio fabrication is box building. Here at Xclusive Autosound we have been building custom boxes for over 20 years, and we feel there’s no one in the area as good as us.

Depending on your time frame, and your personal needs, we can build a box with our traditional table-saw or our CNC machine. Our boxes are built for strength with corner braces, wall braces, and dado dato pockets so they fit together like a puzzle and never come apart!

With our engineering background and experience, we have spent around 100 hours writing a custom program that makes building boxes as easy as simply adding six numbers: the height, width, depth, displacement of the woofers you are using, the number of woofers, and the required net air space.

If the box is meant to be ported, we just add the square inches and the length of the port. Our specially programmed CAD software then cuts out the perfect designed box – complete with bracing. If you demand perfection, and want the perfect box built for your install, contact Xclusive Autosound today.

Custom Car Audio Box Design & Fabrication Custom Car Audio Box Design & Fabrication Custom Car Audio Box Design & Fabrication