Why should I get an aftermarket remote start?

March 12, 2015

Here are some of the best reasons to install a aftermarket remote start into your car, van or truck:

compustar-pro-series-901-remoteIf you’re tired of shivering in your car on freezing winter mornings and sweating as you wait for the AC to cool on scorching summer afternoons, then a remote starter is for you. Remote starters are probably one of the most pleasurable items you could ever buy for your vehicle. And, they have come a long way, in terms of range, connectivity and reliability, since they first broke onto the market in the early 1990s.

Today’s remote starters boast a variety of incredible features including GPS tracking capabilities and technology that allows drivers to lock and unlock their cars, just by walking up to them. Modern remote starters also feature a wider range of remote control options than ever before, and we carry more of those options than any other retailer in the Midwest. Our remote controls offer real world range that allows you to start your car from 800 feet away, one-mile away, or from across the country.

Current remote controls come in one-way and two-way models. One-way remote controls send signals to the vehicle only, while two-way remote controls send signals to the car and then back from the car to the remote, confirming that the actions requested were accepted. This can be an important feature if your vehicle is tucked away in a parking garage at work, or if the car is parked on the opposite side of a restaurant from where you’re seated. No matter where you are, two-way remote controls ensure that you always know the status of your car.

Through telematic modules, new remote technology also allows drivers to to use their cell phones to control their vehicles, and also track their cars using GPS capabilities.

An upgrade to an aftermarket remote starter provides a wide range of options not available in factory systems, including selectable engine run times, start timers, quick stop modes, turbo timers, extended range, ignition locks, defroster control, window control, accelerometer, temperature readings ability, and many others.