Xclusive Autosound News

Now at Xclusive Autosound, we offer Car and Truck Accessories.

Here at Xclusive Autosound we’re always trying to be current with the needs of the modern driver. We now sell car and truck accessories to custom fit all of your needs. This includes tonneau covers. Tonneau covers dramatically improve the look and functionality of your vehicle with a wide variety of choices ranging from hard […] Read More

How We Make Our Speaker Brackets

We recently finished a speaker installation on a car and wanted to walk you through how we make our fully custom speaker brackets. Almost all of our higher-end installations require custom made speaker brackets in order to make your new speakers fit into you vehicles stock speaker locations. At Xclusive Autosound NO expense is spared. […] Read More

How Dark can I tint my windows in Missouri?

Missouri window tinting statutes (laws) for window tint application for cars and trucks are vague and fairly simple. Meaning Missouri has very lax restrictions on window tinting. Statute 307.173 States that all Missouri registered vehicles are allowed to have 35% or lighter window film on the front driver and passenger roll downs with a visual […] Read More

Pro T11 Remote Controls Now Available

Compustar recently released the first 3 mile range transmitter using the latest state-of-the-art technology blowing all other manufactures out of the water. Using DSST technology, once again Compustar proves they are the leader of manufacturing of remote start and alarm systems. The Pro T11 is available today. Give your alarm and remote start the range […] Read More