Pro T11 Remote Controls Now Available

December 3, 2015

Pro T11 Remote Controls

Pro T11 Remote Controls

Compustar recently released the first 3 mile range transmitter using the latest state-of-the-art technology blowing all other manufactures out of the water.

Using DSST technology, once again Compustar proves they are the leader of manufacturing of remote start and alarm systems. The Pro T11 is available today. Give your alarm and remote start the range it deserves. The Pro T11 is only available at your Pro Dealer. The Pro T11 is everything a remote should be. It is water resistant. Drop it in a puddle, no problem. Accidentally run it over with you car, no problem.  

Check out the various Youtube videos. The remote comes with a Pro 2 year warranty and a built in lithium-ion rechargeable battery with charger included. The best part is it is backward compatible. Had a system installed in the last 3 years by us? Good chance you can upgrade to this new remote.

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