Chevy Camaro SS Custom iPad Installation Mounted in Passenger Dash

June 22, 2015

Custom iPad Installation Chevy Camaro SS

A long-standing customer of ours recently came to us with a new custom installation project. He was requesting a custom mount for is Apple iPad 4. He is a local DJ and has all his music on his iPad and wanted a quick easy way to access it and play videos. A couple months earlier he came in and had a AVH4000NEX installed in his Camaro. The AVH4000NEX was the first Apple car play radio and he wanted to add an iPad like and iPod on the second USB that it has available. Space was limited and we wouldn’t just make a mount to stick it on the dash somewhere. So, we came up with the design you can see in the video below. We knew it had to be a dual action motorized mount or there would have been really big gaps in order for the iPad to be able to be removed, due to the curvature of the “S” shaped dash.

As a standard, we tell all our customers everything we do here has to be lockable and easily and cleanly removable. We wont offer any other options. So, as he had done many times in the past, he handed his keys over in total trust, and we got to work. We fabricated the custom sliding mechanism out of welded steel and we firmly mounted it to the chassis of the car. Then we designed a two stage motor controller. That would allow for the dual action motorization. The iPad slides out of the dash about 5/8” then it angles out so you can slide the iPad out.

We had the car for a week making sure everything was perfect. His response when he picked it up was “How did you do that? Honestly, I was expecting a gap all the way around the iPad.” We took the time to make it perfect. OEM grade. You were not able to slide a piece of paper in the “gap”, or lack of, around mount. And of course we gave him charging support through the USB that connected to the AVH4000NEX. Can’t wait for his next project.