Back-Up Cameras & Sensors

Take the worry out of backing up into something, or worse – someone, by having Xclusive Autosound install a backup camera and sensor into your vehicle. Over the years we have installed backup cameras and sensors into cars, trucks, vans and even buses for a wide range of St. Louis Metro East and St. Louis, MO clientele. Safety and convenience are the two main factors we install so many of these units.

Benefits of installing a backup camera and sensor:

  • Helps assist with parking
  • Keeps you from hitting objects or backing over things you can not see or that are out of your line of sight
  • Makes it easier to hook up to trailers


Integrating into your factory radio.

Have a factory radio with a screen on it but no back up camera?  We have the knowledge and experience to make your existing unit work with a variety of our back up cameras with out replacing the unit.


Alternate Locations

We have all the tools, knowledge and equipment to make every back up camera installation look and function as if it were factory.  We specialize in making every installation look as if it were part of you car when it rolled off the assembly line.  To make this happen we have a full fabrication shop to make all the needed adapters and mounts need.  We have several different types of units available.  Most common unit is a replacement mirror with a screen built into it.  We can also custom fabricate anything you can think of.



Back up Senors

Radar sensors.  When these sensors are installed it creates a audible beeping noise inside your vehicle as you get closer and closer to an obstruction the beeps are closer together until you hear a solid tone.   Which means you are usually with in 1 foot of the object.