Car DVD & Video Player Installation & Entertainment Packages

Xclusive Autosound can help you select and expertly install a DVD or video player into your car, truck, minivan, or any other vehicle. We have even installed units into boats, semis and buses. From headrest video units to flip down monitors and iPad integration we have a wide selection of solutions to fit just about any budget. Give us a call at 618.222.2234, shoot us an email at , or stop by our shop to learn more. We are located in Bellevile, IL, but a large portion of our customers come from St. Louis, MO due to our reputation of not taking any shortcuts and doing every installation right the first time.

  We have the size and quality that isn’t available from the factory.

  • In dash monitors
  • Custom installed monitors
  • Visor monitors
  • Flip down monitors
  • Headrest monitors.
  • Keep your kids happy


Headrest DVD Players & Packages

We can go as mild to as wild as you would like.  From custom color matched stitching and leather.  To prefabricated drop in DVD headrest monitors.  1 DVD player per headrest or shared DVD mobile video systems are available.



Flip Down Monitors

We carry the highest in quality flip down mobile DVD and video monitors to fit every budget.  We have 9″ to 26″ flip down screens available.


iPad Integrated Headrest Mounts, Custom Installs & Sound Integration

We can install a iPad many different ways for all your tablet needs. From headrest mounts to fully custom installations with various charging options and options to play the sound through your radio.


Here are a Couple Examples of Our Custom iPad Installs

We can pretty much install an iPad into any type of vehicle imaginable. Here are two great example of fully integrated iPad installs:

Learn more about this Chevy Camaro SS Custom iPad Installation Mounted in Passenger Dash »

Learn more about this custom iPad Mini Install in a 2015 Polaris Slingshot »

Learn more about our rear seat entertainment options:

What kind of options do you offer for rear seat entertainment?