How We Make Our Speaker Brackets

February 26, 2018

We recently finished a speaker installation on a car and wanted to walk you through how we make our fully custom speaker brackets.

Almost all of our higher-end installations require custom made speaker brackets in order to make your new speakers fit into you vehicles stock speaker locations. At Xclusive Autosound NO expense is spared. We make all of our brackets in-house on our CNC machine. We are the most technologically advanced shop in the Midwest. We use CAD (Computer aid drafting) drawings to design all your brackets to exact measurements for the specific speaker that will be installed in your vehicle. We then cut the brackets out of solid ABS. ABS is one of the most robust plastics in existence. It will never warp, fade, crack, or deteriorate. We manufacture these brackets out the thickest ABS stock possible for the brackets to still fit within your speakers cavity properly and not resonate from the vibrations of the speakers we’re installing. If you have any custom applications we can accommodate those as well.

Speaker Bracket Photos:

speaker mounting brakets