Car Audio

Custom Car Audio Box Design & Fabrication

Custom Car Audio Box Design & Fabrication Xclusive Autosound is without a doubt, the PREMIER car audio installation facility in the Midwest. We use the latest, cutting-edge technology to make sure your installation needs are as close to perfection as possible. One important aspect of custom car audio fabrication is box building. Here at Xclusive […] Read More

Smart Car Custom iPad Installation

Smart Car Custom iPad Installation For this project, our customer came to us with an almost impossible mission. But like so often, we made it happen. This Smart car iPad Mini mount was, and probably still is, the only full 3D-printed, completely-functional, fully-motorized iPad mount made. We do sell this kit for $890 if you’re […] Read More

Chevy Camaro SS Custom iPad Installation Mounted in Passenger Dash

Custom iPad Installation Chevy Camaro SS A long-standing customer of ours recently came to us with a new custom installation project. He was requesting a custom mount for is Apple iPad 4. He is a local DJ and has all his music on his iPad and wanted a quick easy way to access it and […] Read More

Custom iPad Mini Install in a 2015 Polaris Slingshot

Custom iPad Mini Install Polaris Slingshot We recently had a customer come to us wanting a couple of unique things. He wanted an iPad Mini installed into his Polaris Slingshot but in a way that it sat back far enough that it could get some protection from the glare of the sun. Also, he wanted […] Read More

Can you upgrade my non double din radio to a double din?

Upgrade Non-Double DIN Radio to Double DIN Absolutely! Custom car audio installs are what we’re known for, and we do them better than any of our competitors. We are committed to taking the time to make sure every job we do is done well and will last the lifetime of the vehicle. During every installation, […] Read More