Custom CNC Fabricated Trunk

March 5, 2018

Check out our latest and greatest installation we recently completed for one of our long-time customers. He gave us carte blanche with this custom install, and we ran with it. Even thought we can design “loud and wild” installations, we prefer something more “clean and finished”. We feel that blending the aesthetics of the car into the install gives it a more original and classic feel.

Taking from a previous installs we completed, we wanted to take this one even further. This trunk went from stock – to this install – in less than 8 hours. Yes, 8 hours! All the pieces were made, finished, and covered before the vehicle even showed up at the shop. We took every detail, mount, alignment, handle, and stock function into consideration.

We came up with this clean design showcasing several different skills. In this install, you will not find one drop of bondo or filler anywhere throughout. It is 100% wood and stock plastic sheeting. Every single piece was designed, CNC cut, and covered to fit with one another. To the average person it may not seem all that difficult, but to put things into perspective: there are pieces that fit within pieces, that fit within pieces, that fit within pieces, that fit within pieces – 5 layers deep. When layering that deep, calculations down to .002 of an inch make all the difference. Everything had to be painstakingly planned out, down to the grain of each piece of vinyl, to get this piece of art to fit together the way it did so beautifully. Can we do this with your vehicle absolutely, and better than anyone else.

Custom CNC Trunk 2

Custom CNC Trunk 3

Custom CNC Trunk 1

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