Fully Custom Integrated Sound System for 2011 Chevy Silverado

February 26, 2018

Fully Custom Integrated Sound System Chevy Silverado

Here is a great example of the high-end custom designed sound systems we design and install. It showcases both our craftsmanship and advanced technical knowledge.

We designed every piece, angle, cavity, box, and mount in this install using state-of-the-art computer software. We then installed this system in the back of 2011 Chevy Silverado. Not one ounce of fiberglass or bondo is used in this entire install. This was built in the same way that your car or truck would have been built in the factory. We custom designed brackets that lined up with the factory mounting positions to make sure every piece fit perfectly into place without the truck even being in our shop! There is not a gap you could slide a piece of paper through anywhere on this install.

I can say with complete confidence; no other shop in the country has the skills, tools, know how, or capabilities to do what we did here. No one. We are in the process of building another car in the same way that is ten times more complex and extravagant than this one. If you love your vehicle and you don’t want to butcher it up just to make it sound amazing. You have come to the right place. Engineering perfection every time. Call or email us with any questions at 618.222.2234 or

Fully Custom Integrated Sound System Chevy Silverado