Smart Car Custom iPad Installation

April 30, 2018

Smart Car Custom iPad Installation

For this project, our customer came to us with an almost impossible mission. But like so often, we made it happen. This Smart car iPad Mini mount was, and probably still is, the only full 3D-printed, completely-functional, fully-motorized iPad mount made. We do sell this kit for $890 if you’re looking for one.

Our customer came to us due to our vast experience with custom iPad installations, and the craftsmanship of our work. He was dead set on having it, but the problem was, it barely fit. With the space, and clearances needed in order to remove the iPad, this was a very tricky and complex install. We pushed through the endless technical problems and we’re glad we did. Using some engineering tricks, we were able to get the clearance needed to clear the dash in order to remove the ipad without having to add dual action motorization.

This kit uses all the factory mounting locations, and clips, to secure the housing. The iPad housing screws directly into the radio housing. Two trim pieces snap on using German designed snaps in the perfect finished location. The ipad can completely control the Sony radio behind it by using the Sony Songpal APP.

If you want to operate only the radio, you can motorized the ipad out, and control the radio through the well thought-out opening which leaves the radio face exposed and easily accessible. The motorized mount also charges the iPad using a lightning port. No detail was left untouched, and we enjoyed every step of this tedious build.

If you have a tricky or highly complex install you want, and other car audio shops are telling you it’s impossible, contact us today. We make the “car audio impossible” possible.

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