Compustar Pro Series T13 Remote Start

Pro Series Remote start systems include:

  • Flagship Remote control
  • RFID Proximity Unlock Technology.
  • The most important feature of a Pro series system is flexibility you can upgrade any remote control with this system.   So if your typical remote start mission changes and need more range or two way capability.  It is as easy as changing an antenna and reprogramming new remote controls.  This type of flexibility is the reason why prime, X,  and Pro series remote controls are clearly the best choice.
  • The Pro Series remote controls offer the highest noise rejection circuity and technology to get the best range possible.   No expense spared performance.
  • 2  3 channel SST frequency remote controls and one Drone Mobile Module
  • Drone mobile is a cellphone interface that allows the consumer to basically have unlimited range and unlimited remote controls.   Log into the app from anywhere in the world and have full control of your car*.
  • water resistance
  • crush resistance
  • rechargeable battery
  • includes micro usb charger
  • Check inside temperature of the vehicle from remote control.
  • Start and stop timers.
  • Remote start and stop.
  • Selectable engine runtimes
  • Buttons for keyless entry and trunk release (if enabled)
  • ignition locks (if enabled)
  • Panic feature
  • quick stop, feature allows you to stop at a destination get out and leave your car running and take your keys with you.
  • Safety Brake shut-down.
  • Exceptional rechargeable remote battery Life.
  • Lifetime warranty on system and labor
  • 3 year warranty on remote controls