St. Louis Area Remote Starts & Car Alarms

We have been providing the best in remote starters and car alarms in the greater St. Louis area since 1997.  There is no one in the Belleville, IL area or the greater St. Louis area that knows more about remote starts and your vehicle than we do. Just think about entering a warm vehicle on a cold St. Louis morning, or stepping into a cool vehicle on a hot St. Louis day. We can make that a reality.

Remote Start & Car Alarm Installation Experts

Every remote start system that is installed at our location is installed by an expert, and not all installations are created equal.  As a matter of fact, the installation of the remote starter is 20 time more important than the quality of the remote starter itself.  Everything we do is permanent and will out last your car, guaranteed.  You will never come back to us due to a loose connection because we solder (wires are welded together not crimped) all our connections as opposed to simply crimping them like some installers do. Why do we install in a manner that our competitors don’t?  Because we know our customer’s time is valuable.  So everything is done right the first time.  You won’t be back to see us until you are ready for your next system.  However we do offer free remote battery replacement for all remote systems that are bought from us so you can come back and say “Hi” from time to time at your leisure.

Xclusive can help you:

  • Decide what system is best for you.
  • Install 1 Way systems that only send a signal to the vehicle to get the system to start.
  • Install 2 Way systems that send a signal to the vehicle that also gets a response back from vehicle telling you the system received the command.
  • If you have question or need some experts recommendations for the best alarm or remote starter for your automobile, we are here to help.
  • Select the right add-on features for you.
  • If you have a manual transmission.  Yes, we can safely put a remote starter on your car and have done so for the last 14 years with not one problem.

Remote Start Systems We Carry:


Available for Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows phones.

Add this interface to any system we offer to get unlimited range*

Get GPS Tracking Information, alarm alerts, and control your vehicle all from one simple easy to use interface.  Receive alarm alerts and 2-way feedback on conformation of vehicle completing an action.

*Range dependent to vehicle and phone having Cellular reception.


Pro series Systems

compustar-pro-series-2-way-remote-control compustar-pro-series-901-remote compustar-G9-remote-control

These are the best systems money can buy.  If you are looking for the best top of the line Remote Starter or Alarm you have found the right place.

All Pro Series remotes have a 2 year warranty.  Lifetime labor and system warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.


The Advanced Series systems

Compustar-g6-remote-control Compustar-G8-2way-remote-control Compustar-1-button-remote-start-remote-control Compustar-9000-remote-control compustar-2way-remote-control

Provides all the bells and whistles as the pro series.  Just at a little more economical price.  These systems are the real work horses of the industry.  Quality, Reliability, and  Consistent real world range.

All Advanced Series remotes have a 1 year warranty.  Lifetime labor and system warranty for as long as you won your vehicle.

compustar-entry-level-remote-start-remoteThe Basic Series systems

These systems are by no means a entry level system.  These system corresponds to other manufactures better or best system.  Extremely economical these systems do what they are meant to do every time.

All Basic Series remotes  have a 1 year warranty.  Lifetime system warranty and 1 year labor warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.


FTX-2-way-remote-controlThe X Series systems

Are designed for people who like the factory look.  Zero compromise on anything.  These systems are what you wished your stock remote systems would be.

All X Series remotes have a 3 year 36,000 warranty.  Lifetime labor and system warranty for as long as you own your vehicle.




Hands full? No problem!
FT-EZ GO unlocks and locks your doors automatically when you walk up to or away from your car!

Hands-Free Keyless Entry

Using Remote Frequency Identificiation (RFID), EZ-GO automatically unlocks your vehicle when you walk within 5 feet of the EZ-GO antenna. No more struggling to reach for your keys whenever you are carrying things to your car!

Add EZ-GO to any PRO or Advanced series remote starter to add premium convenience to your vehicle.

DAS Security Sensor

The FT-DAS is a 3-in-1 Digitally Adjustable Sensor (DAS), which gives your car the ability to detect shock, tilt, and forward motion.

Enhance Your Starter

If you have a manual-transmission vehicle, and you remote start your car while it is in gear, the DAS will detect any forward motion and will safely halt the engine, preventing any forward movement.

Pair the FT-DAS with a security system to add all-around security detection for your vehicle.

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